3 Things To Know About Buying A Fixer-Upper Home

When it comes to buying real estate properties, a fixer-upper can be a good choice in some situations. But it is very important to be prepared and know what you are doing before purchasing a house that needs a lot of work. While a fixer-upper typically costs less than similar homes in the same neighborhood that are updated and in good condition, the wrong fixer-upper can quickly become a money pit.

2 Ways To Make Buying A Home More Affordable

Finding ways to make buying a home more affordable is exceedingly important, especially when you consider that you are going to be spending a substantial part of your monthly income paying your mortgage for quite a few years to come. Listed below are just two of the many ways available to you when it comes to making buying a home more affordable. Look At A Wide Area When Considering Homes

Pros And Cons Of Keeping Your Pets In Your Home During An Open House

If you're a pet owner who is planning to place your home for sale, one of the decisions that you'll need to make is what you'll do with the animals during an open house.  It's customary for the seller to be out of the house during this time frame, but many sellers take many different approaches with their animals, including taking the pets with them, leaving the pets behind, and even putting the pets out in the backyard.

What Common Problems Are Discovered Through Home Inspections?

When you start shopping for a house to buy, the entire process can take time, and part of this is due to the procedures used before closing on a house. One procedure lenders often require or recommend is getting a home inspection of the house you want to buy. The purpose is to help you find out if the home has any major problems the seller did not disclose, and here are some common problems found during home inspections.

What Are Differences Between Real Estate Agents And Brokers—And Which Do You Need?

Whether you're hoping to purchase your first piece of commercial real estate or are interested in upgrading to a larger home, you may be anxiously searching for the right real estate professional to help you browse properties, secure financing, and get the parties to the closing table. However, wading through lists of agents, brokers, broker associates, REALTORS®, and others can be exhausting. What should you know about these professionals' job responsibilities to ensure you select the perfect person who can offer what you need?