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Sample Real Estate Sales Letters

Looking for CURRENT real estate marketing letters to homebuyers?
Here’s a highly targeted campaign to mail or email so you can ...

Get Buyers Back into the Market the Easy Way
These 5 ready-to-mail letters calm buyers' fears
and give them the confidence to buy ...

Just in time for your Spring/Summer Season

Letters-w-Cover-on-Top3 Easy Steps

1. Send Letter #1 to your buyers list.

2. Follow up every four days with the next letter in the series until you've sent all five letters.

3. After you've sent the first three letters, MAN THE PHONES because your buyers will call!

    Introductory price: $27
    Regular cover price: $97
    Includes bonuses worth $137 PLUS a Free Bonus Letter to First-Time Buyers about the $8,000 tax-credit deadline.


My 90-Day Guarantee

Because I, too, want buyers back in the market, I’ve sweetened the deal by removing all risk from you with my 90-day full-refund guarantee.

If at any time during the next 90 days you decide for any reason—or for no reason at all—that these letters are not for you, simply email me and you’ll get a 100% refund. No questions. No hassle. No fuss.

Plus, you can keep all five letters, the bonus letter AND the $137
in other bonuses completely free with my compliments. That way you
risk nothing. I promise.

When you have the
"Straight Talk to Buyers" Letter Series,
here’s what you get ...

Marketing Letter #1

Real Estate Marketing Letter #1
Letter #1 addresses buyers’ fear of the current real estate market, counteracts news media hype, alerts the buyer to watch for your next four letters and reveals the topic each letter will cover.

Marketing Letter #2

Real Estate Sales Letter #2
Letter #2 addresses the mortgage industry's return to responsible lending and what the stricter borrowing standards mean for buyers who are able and ready to buy.

Marketing Letter #3

Real Estate Marketing Letter #3
Letter #3 addresses the reality of finding a bargain in today's buyer's market with new-construction homes, foreclosures and short sales.

Marketing Letter #4

Real Estate Sales Letter #4
Letter #4 addresses buyers' concern about the best time to lock in their interest rate.

Marketing Letter #5

Real Estate Marketing Letter #5
Letter #5 addresses buyers’ worry that, if they buy now, their home’s value might decline.

There you have it ... five custom letters you send in succession. Five meaty real estate marketing letters built one upon the other and packed with the information buyers are hungry for. And yet, despite the complex subject matter, these letters are fast-paced, easy to read and simple to understand.


Now for your bonus goodies ...

I would be nuts to offer my bold 90-Day 100% Refund Guarantee on a digital download without also giving you additional resources to ensure your letters to buyers are an even greater success. So, I've put together some special bonuses to help you. But first ...

First Name:

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  What Others Are Saying

Kay, I want to thank you so much for your “Straight Talk to Buyers” letters!

This year is stacking up as
very difficult for real estate agents, and marketing to people that don't currently  own homes is a big part of my plan to stay busy.

The fact that I had to do little other than insert my information and start sending these out to my contacts was a real time saver as well.

I have tried before to get a follow up system in place for new leads, but it never seemed to come together until now.

I can't wait until you get some letters written for home owners!

Jacqueline Cliff
Your Snohomish County
and Northern King County Remax Agent
Lynnwood, Washington

     —A Note From Kay—

Although the “Straight Talk to Buyers” letters can be targeted solely to first-time buyers, they are written also to target relocating buyers, homeowners moving up and second-home buyers. 

In other words ... all buyers who may be hesitating because of market conditions.


I just read all of Kay Faulk’s 5 letters to buyers. These letters were designed to get the buyer off the fence and ready to move forward.

Buyers are inundated by so much bad and gloomy misinformation from the media. One day they are ready to go! The next day they see, hear, or read something in the media that makes them stop dead in their tracks!

I am not a letter writer. I will use these letters for email.

Kay stresses everything that I do on “good days,” when I remember it all. Her style is direct and simple.

The format can be customized very easily! I am not a WORD doc pro!

This series of letters can be a real benefit to a busy agent, or one who wants to be busy!

Instead of re-creating the wheel, invest in her professionally written letters.

Barbara Delaney, CRS, e-Pro, GRI
Associate Broker
Park Place REALTORS, Inc.
Roanoke, Virginia


The following is a comment made on Kay’s blog at the ActiveRain Real Estate Network:

As a former broker who worked with numerous agents over a 19 year career in real estate, I learned that writing those letters is the last thing most agents want to do. When they get around to it, they hurry up just to get something in the envelope.

Hurriedly written letters are such a big mistake - they can actually give an impression that's opposite of the one you hoped for!

I've read all of Kay's letters and I think they'll be a tremendous help to busy agents, and to agents who have a hard time putting their sales expertise on paper....

Good going, Kay!

Marte Cliff, Copywriter
Priest River, Idaho

More to come ...

For a limited time you get a

Free Bonus Letter to First-Time Buyers
Alerting them to the $8,000 Tax Credit Deadline and More...

The Free Bonus Letter also tells first-time buyers exactly what they must accomplish in each step of the home-buying process and lights a fire under them with time estimates right down to the deadline.

Plus, with this letter you alert buyers to the possibility of accessing their $8,000 tax-credit at purchase time to pay closing costs or to increase their down payment.

Order the letter series now and get a PDF of the free bonus letter, a text-only Word file and a Microsoft Publisher file with my custom one-page layout so you can quickly add your info, print and mail.

FREE Bonus #1
My Custom One-Page Layout and Design
for Each of the Five Letters in the “Straight Talk to Buyers” Letter Series—a $29 Value

  • In addition to a PDF file containing all five letters as they appear in my custom layout and a Word file for the text of each letter, you get a Microsoft Publisher 2000 file for each real estate marketing letter so that all you have to do is open each one in Publisher, plug in your personal information, print and mail.

FREE Bonus #2
A Special Report to offer Buyers—a $19 Value

  • This report was written by a skilled professional copywriter and credit expert. "How to Raise Your Credit Score - 11 Simple Steps You Can Do Yourself" is seven pages of detailed credit-building information.

    The report comes with a ready-made flyer for you to include with Letter #2 of the “Straight Talk to Buyers” series. Simply add your contact info to the flyer for buyers to request a copy of the report.

FREE Bonus #3
My Ready-to-Go Letter Requesting a Testimonial—a $59 Value

  • The quick and easy way to gain credibility and trust with prospects is through client testimonials. Send this letter after every satisfactory transaction, and you'll get all the testimonials you could ever want. Plus, simple directions most agents forget for making it easy as pie for clients to comply with your request.

FREE Bonus #4
Testimonial Topics to Suggest—a $15 Value

  • Client testimonials are great credibility builders, but it's hard to get them to cover the variety of subjects you need. Satisfied clients want to help you, and they appreciate knowing what you need. Now, with these topic suggestions and questions, you can customize a list to include with each request.

Coupon for $15 OFF

"A Copywriter's Guide for Real Estate Professionals -
How to Write & Lay Out Your Own Personal Brochure"

  • Full price for this popular guide is $27 and includes over $240 in free bonuses. But when you use your $15 OFF coupon code, you get the entire package for only $12.

    I’m often asked, what is a personal brochure anyway? A good personal brochure forms the core of your marketing materials. When you can't be there in person, a personal brochure performs the social task of introducing you to a prospect and makes the human connection necessary for two people to begin a relationship.

    And when you include your personal brochure with your first marketing letter to a prospect, none of the letter's valuable words or space needs to be wasted on an introduction, but can be completely dedicated to delivering your marketing message.

Adding it all up, that’s one discount and four free bonuses totaling $137. And that’s not counting the Free Bonus Letter to First-Time Buyers that’s available for a limited time.

But I’m still not done …

PDF Copy
of a Rare Out-of-Print Sales Letter Book

  • You may have wondered when trying to pen your own marketing or sales letters if there's a guide somewhere that walks you through the process of writing one. There are several, and one of the best was written way back in 1911.

    Some years ago when I first heard about this book, I scoured the Internet’s used bookstores until I found a copy. I had to have it. I’ve since read it—and other old masters—many times. And now, I want to share this one with you.

    Based on a study of 1,200 actual letters, this little gem lays it all out for you in easy-to-follow steps. In all the years since its publication, the steps to writing a winning sales letter have not changed, because human nature has not changed … and a good sales letter sells to the reader's human nature.

Goodness! All that AND the five letters in the "Straight Talk to Buyers" series for the introductory price of only $27.

And with my 90-Day Guarantee, that's what it costs you ONLY if you’re 100% delighted.

If not, the cost is zero ...

Let me be clear ...

I wrote the "Straight Talk to Buyers" Letter Series especially for real estate professionals whose local markets have held fairly steady and those whose harder-hit markets are picking up. Agents like you who want an effective way to educate buyers and counteract the news media hype that feeds buyers’ fear and keeps them out of the market.

In each of the five letters, I address a topic of concern to buyers. And I do it in a way that establishes you as the buyer's straight-talking trusted Real Estate Advisor.

With these letters and their bonuses, I've provided everything you need to get back to basics and start mailing or emailing to buyers today with sound up-to-the-minute advice. And with my guarantee, I've removed all risk from your order.

The next step is yours. Your future hangs in the balance because ...

It’s a known fact ... effective Real Estate Marketing Letters
can grow your business like nothing else. 

Letters-w-Cover-on-TopToday’s buyers wait on the sidelines
AFRAID of the market and
STARVED for honest information
delivered by a real estate professional they can trust.

Now, you can calm their fear
and feed their hunger for the truth
by writing or emailing to them
with these personal, straight-talking,
information-packed letters.

Then MAN YOUR PHONES because
your buyers will call.

I invite you to become your buyers’ #1 Trusted Advisor
starting right now.


If you have graphics turned off and can't see the Order Now button above, CLICK HERE to order now and get instant download access. 

Writing for your success,

Real Estate Copywriter

Kay Steele Faulk
The Real Estate Copywriter

P.S. — According to Chris Marlow’s acclaimed “Freelance Copywriter Fee
& Compensation Survey,” most experienced copywriters (myself included) charge $2,000 for a simple one- to two-page lead-generating letter. Even at the regular cover price of $97 ($19.40 per letter), I’ve made this letter series a no-brainer for you. But with the incredibly low introductory price of $27 ($5.40 per letter), I’ve removed all excuses.

What’s more, you get an additional $137 in bonuses to ensure your letters to buyers are an even greater success. PLUS ...

For a limited time, you get a Free Bonus Letter to First-Time Buyers alerting them to the $8,000 tax credit deadline, what they must accomplish by then and the possibility of up-front access to this free money.

Best of all, I remove all risk from you with my 90-day guarantee: if at any time during the next 90 days you decide for any reason—or for no reason at all—that these letters are not for you, simply email me and you’ll get a 100% refund. No questions. No hassle. No fuss.

Also, you can keep all five series letters, the bonus letter to first-time buyers AND the $137 in other bonuses completely free with my compliments. That way you risk nothing.

When you order now at the introductory price of $27 you SAVE $70. That’s a better-grab-it-before-it-goes-away $5.40 per letter. DON’T MISS OUT another day on establishing yourself with buyers as their #1 Trusted Advisor.

Order now, and I’ll add a Free Bonus Letter to
First-Time Buyers alerting them to urgent information
about the $8,000 first-home tax credit.


checkbox YES! I am sincere about success. I want to have the marketing campaign that overcomes media hype, gives buyers confidence and gets them back into the market.

Please give me instant download access so I can have a complete campaign to buyers that includes five professionally written marketing letters to start mailing today ... PLUS I get $137 in FREE bonuses to ensure my campaign to buyers exceeds my expectations ... AND I get the rare out-of-print sales letter book as a Special Marketing Bonus.

I understand that by ordering now, I will also receive the Free Bonus Letter to First-Time Buyers alerting them to the first-home tax credit deadline, establishing a timeline for what they must accomplish by then and informing them of the possibility of up-front access to their $8,000 tax credit to pay closing costs or increase their down payment.


Free Real Estate Marketing Sales Letters

NOTE: I offer a variety of SECURE payment solutions including major credit cards and PayPal. To purchase with your credit card, you do NOT need a PayPal account. NO financial information is ever disclosed to me.

Solution Graphics


Have you read this far and you want the letters, but you’re just not absolutely certain? If so, I want to do everything I can to help you make an informed decision ...

Email me at the address below, and I’ll be glad to send you a sample letter to first-time buyers covering the financial and tax benefits of homeownership. Or better yet, if I’m online click the Live Chat link to the right and I’ll answer your questions right now. Then I can send the sample while we’re chatting. (Isn’t technology cool?!)

If you click to chat, be sure to give me enough time to type a reply before you click away. Sometimes, I’m chatting with more than one person and it takes me a moment.

If I’m offline, leave me a message and I’ll get back with you.

Okay ... so here you are way down at the bottom of the page. You’ve read every word. And even though you think the introductory price of $27 is a very fair price
for 5 letters ... you’ve always written
your own marketing letters yourself.
But lately, it’s gotten harder and harder for you
to write to buyers.
So let me just ask you ...

Does this problem sound familiar?

Recall what it's like when you sit down to write a letter to your prospective homebuyers. You want to to ease their fears and address their concerns about today's housing market so they can take action with confidence. First, you start to think of all that's happened in recent years that affects today’s market ... and then, in trying to sort it all out, you can't decide where to begin or what to say.

By the time you give up in frustration, it's cost you half a day and you're still no closer to having a finished letter to send.

So, you either write nothing at all or fall back on the tired “It’s a great time to buy!” Although both are mistakes, there’s a fatal flaw with the latter. Even though you believe buying is still a wise choice, when you don’t back your claim with reasons why, your words don’t ring true ... and you defeat your efforts to attain that valuable trusted-advisor status with buyers.

I certainly understand. I know that for most agents the past two years have been a hair-raising roller coaster ride. And in some parts of the country, it’s been a downslide all the way ... which lies at the root of your letter-writing problem today. The questions that stump you every time are ...

  • Even though your local market is holding fairly steady compared to other markets, how can you overcome all the news media hype headlining doom and gloom and fear?
  • Yes, YOU understand it, but how do you write about such a complex, multi-layered market as this one in a simplified way?
  • And even if you could, how can you condense all that information and keep your letter down to one or two pages?

Haven’t you found yourself wishing for some up-to-the-minute letters to buyers that keep it simple, keep it short AND keep it honest?

At last, a solution

Well ... I heard you. And your wish has been granted!

I wrote these letters because I received so many requests from agents asking if I had any real estate marketing letters to buyers with up-to-the-minute content. One request went like this ...

"I have buyers! They still keep in touch with me, but getting a marketing or sales letter written is one of my weakest points. And now, I truly do not know what to say in letters to buyers. They want to buy but are scared to buy because of what's happening with the mortgage companies and all the foreclosures. They do not want to buy until they see a change in the housing market. I am at a loss for words to communicate with them. Can you help?"

At the time, I was too busy to take it on, but I promised as soon as I could I would write a series of real estate marketing letters for agents to send to buyers. The result of my promise is the "Straight Talk to Buyers" Letter Series you can order right now and begin using today.

Think of it ... when you order, you can instantly download five professionally written, ready-to-mail letters to buyers.

These marketing letters address buyers’ deepest fears and concerns about the current real estate market and mortgage industry, giving them the confidence to make a decision and sign that purchase and sale agreement.

While other agents continue to deliver hollow pie-in-the-sky promises, you stand out from the crowd as the agent who empowers buyers with knowledge of what's REALLY happening in real estate and what it MEANS for them in their own local market.

So, what are you waiting for? Become your buyers’ #1 Trusted Advisor starting right now ...


Free Real Estate Marketing Sales Letters

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