Top Features People Today Want In Homes

Are you almost ready to buy a house? If so, have you created a list of the features you want in the home you purchase? If you have not created this list yet, it might help you to start now, before you start house hunting. Your real estate agent will ask you what you are looking for in a home, and you can provide the agent with the list you created. If you are not sure what to place on the list, it might help you to know the top features people today want in the homes they buy.

Modern Kitchens

One of the most sought out features that people look for in their homes is a modern kitchen. A modern kitchen is one that is newer and highly functional. It has granite or quartz countertops, new fixtures, and stainless steel appliances. People also typically want kitchens with islands and an area for a table and chairs. Many people who sell their homes update their kitchens just before selling, as they know that buyers want updated kitchens.

Walk-In Closets

The second feature most people today look for is walk-in closets. Having enough closet space is vital, and walk-in closets offer more space to the homeowners. Today, people have more clothing and items that belong in storage than they did years ago. As a result, walk-in closets are becoming popular in homes today.


Many people also want a home with a fireplace. If you want a fireplace in the single-family home you buy, you might have a preference over which type you want. Would you prefer a wood-burning fireplace or a gas fireplace? If you have a preference, tell your real estate agent so they can look for homes that offer the type you want.

Outdoor Entertaining Area

Outdoor entertaining areas are also becoming popular today, and this is a feature many homeowners want. An outdoor entertaining area does not have to be large for most people, but it should be present. This area gives a family a place to go outside to cook, eat, and talk. If you are interested in having an area like this, make sure you talk to your real estate agent. Your agent will be sure to look for homes for sale that have this feature.

These are four of the top features people love finding in homes. If you want a single-family home with these features, talk to your real estate agent. Your agent can help you locate homes with these features.