Home Not Selling? Set Several Deadlines To Change Your Strategy

Has your home been on the real estate market for a while, but it is not generating very much interest? If so, you should set several deadlines to mix up your selling strategy so that the home doesn't sit idle on the market. Here are some strategies you can use as your home goes longer without getting an offer.

30 Days

It's very possible that your home doesn't get an offer after a month of being up for sale on the real estate market. After 30 days has passed, you should start evaluating the kind of feedback you've received from showings and open house events. This feedback can help motivate you to make cosmetic changes to your home based on what potential buyers have repeatedly commented on, or even just waiting things out to get more feedback. If you've been told that your house seems like it is lacking storage, you can take the opportunity to declutter the home, so it doesn't look like you are running out of room.

60 Days

It's easy to feel a bit anxious when your home has been up for sale for over two months without a serious offer made on it. You should take a look at the kind of marketing you have been doing and how it can be improved. You may be considering additional open houses to driver potential buyers to the home or expanding into new marketing avenues to tap into other demographics. This includes using targeted social media advertising, which can get your home in front of the right kind of people that would have an interest. Your realtor may even start reaching out to other realtors to help generate interest, since they may have buyers that can recommend the house and schedule a showing.

90 Days

Three months on the market mean that you need to take a look at big motivating factors that can limit interest. You may need to consider a price reduction because the house is priced too high. This may help get the home found in more home searches if buyers are limiting themselves to a certain price range. Even putting a reduced price sign on the front lawn can help generate interest for those that drive by your home.

These are just a few ideas of what can be done when your home is not selling. Speak to your real estate agent for more ideas that are specific to your home.