Tips For Improving Your Home Listing's Online Success

Online real estate listings are the most popular way for people to begin their home search. Online property listings have the benefit of more pictures, more information about loans and timelines, and more details about the home.

The way your listing appears online helps drum up interested buyers. If your listing does not show well online, your house might not sell as well because people who would be interested are turned off by their first impression without ever seeing your home. Follow these tips to make your home as appealing as possible online. 

1. Get professional cleaning. 

Uncleanliness and clutter are major turnoffs for home buyers, and online photos show untidiness. A professional cleaner can help you declutter (you can even put some stuff in storage) so people can really get a feel for the layout of your home without being distracted by tons of pictures and knickknacks. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, as these are of paramount importance to most interested buyers. And, with a thorough clean, your house is automatically ready for a showing. 

2. Invest in great photos. 

Your house might be beautiful, but if the pictures don't show it, your home listing will struggle. Usually, you need to pay a professional to take pictures because your average photo skills don't take pictures of rooms at the best angles to show the size and scope of the rooms. Also, good pictures help people to get an idea of the home layout. Do not post pictures that are grainy or dark. Some people make the mistake of photographing at night or with the blinds closed -- both reduce the online salability of your home. 

3. Provide as much information as possible. 

A short blurb about a good neighborhood and nice layout is not enough for the age of information. Give as much information as possible, but don't be too wordy. Use economical sentences to convey the positives of your property. People like to know about renovations, the age of appliances, whether or not there is storage, if the roof has been replaced, if the basement is waterproofed, and the size of the bedrooms. Provide the square footage of both the home and the lot. Include buzzwords like "hardwood floors," "original charm," and "quiet street." People also like to know if the house is close to schools, parks, and local amenities. 

4. Use a real estate agent to market and list your home. 

Only some sites will post for sale by owner listings. Only real estate agents have access to the full scope of online potential. They can also post your listing with an MLS so other agents can more easily search your listing online.