What Common Problems Are Discovered Through Home Inspections?

When you start shopping for a house to buy, the entire process can take time, and part of this is due to the procedures used before closing on a house. One procedure lenders often require or recommend is getting a home inspection of the house you want to buy. The purpose is to help you find out if the home has any major problems the seller did not disclose, and here are some common problems found during home inspections.

Roof Issues

The inspector will look closely at the roof of the house you are purchasing, primarily because the roof protects the entire thing. The inspector will note the age and condition of the roof and any problems he or she finds with it. Worn-out or storm-damaged shingles are common issues discovered in home inspections.

Moisture Problems

One huge things inspectors look for when examining homes is moisture. Moisture can enter a home in many different ways, but it is never a good thing. Because of this, the inspector will look for signs of moisture on and around windows and doors, as well as spots on walls and ceilings. As the inspector checks moisture in a house, he or she is also likely to look into the drainage around the exterior of a home. This includes the gutter system and slope of the yard. The goal is to find any issues that might allow water to get inside this house.


If the inspector suspects that a home has mold in it, he or she may run an air quality test. This type of test checks the air for mold spores, and it is one of the most ways inspectors locate mold problems in houses. Mold typically grows in places you cannot see, such as the walls, and many homes have mold in them without the homeowners ever knowing.

Structural Issues

Buying a house that has a structural issue is never a good idea, and this is another good reason to get an inspection. The inspector will know exactly how to spot structural issues in a house, and these are common with older homes. Some signs of structural issues include crumbling foundation blocks and doors that will not close properly.

If you want to buy a house and want to make sure the house is sound, get a home inspection. To learn more, talk to a local real estate agent today.