3 Things You'll Find in Great Oceanfront Homes

If you've always dreamed of living by the ocean, you are not alone. So many people share your dream of waking up to the sound of waves and falling asleep to the scent of the salty breeze. If you have the opportunity to buy an oceanfront home, you may be tempted to jump at that chance right away. However, not all oceanfront homes as as ideal as you may imagine. To make sure you really get that dream home—one that requires little maintenance and is easy to enjoy—look for an oceanfront home with these three qualities and features.

An Aluminum or Clay Tile Roof

The salty air and high winds coming off the ocean can wreak havoc on a roof, and a roof that's in bad shape can lead to substantial water damage in a short period of time. You may not notice any water damage right now, but if the roof is in poor condition, the home could suffer some water damage between now and the time you take possession of it. So, make sure your home inspector takes a good look at the roof. If it is not in great shape, request that the homeowners replace it as a condition of your purchase.

Do not buy an oceanfront home with a steel roof. Steel may sound like a strong, durable roofing material, but the salt in the air near the ocean causes steel to corrode rather quickly. An aluminum roof or clay tile roof is ideal in this environment.

A Stable Foundation

While you should really look into foundation stability before purchasing any home, it is even more important when buying an oceanfront home since the soil is more prone to erosion from the beachfront inward. You may want to have a soil engineer take a look at the land associated with the home. They should not only be able to tell you if the foundation is being compromised right now, but should also be able to predict whether erosion or soil instability will be an issue in coming decades.

Affordable Home Insurance Bills

Ask the current homeowners or their realtor about the cost of homeowners insurance for the oceanfront home. Often, rates are quite steep for homes on the water since there is a risk of a guest or a family member being injured or even killed in the surf. However, rates vary widely based on the city the home is in and how close the residence is to the oceanfront. So, get a quote to ensure you can afford the payments before you agree to buy the home. 

There are plenty of dreamy oceanfront homes for sale with great roofs, affordable insurance plans, and good foundations. Just check before you buy a home to ensure it is one of them!