Getting Ready To Sell Your Home; Fixing, Tidying, And Cleaning Up

If you are considering putting your house on the market and listing the home for sale, you want to get the best price you can for it. Finishing all the little projects you started around the house and yard are now more important than ever. Considering taking the time to finish the small stuff and really make the house stand out to buyers.

Cleaning Up The Yard

Start by taking a walk around your house and looking at the yard. Is there trash or debris around it? Now is the time to cut the lawn, trim the hedges, and pick up the yard to it looks nice when people go out and look at it. If they can see themselves using the nicely groomed lawn, that will add a bonus to buying the home. But if the yard looks cluttered and dirty, they will not see it as appealing. Take the time to make it look good before people start looking at your home.

Cleaning Out The Garage

If you are not using your garage for parking your cars in, the potential for it to be full of stuff that may or may not really belong there is pretty high. If this is the case, clean the garage out. People can not see the size of it when it is full of stuff. A garage is a huge selling point so you want to make sure the potential buyer can look at it and imagine their car in it or unloading the groceries there once they move in.

Repairing Small Things

If you have a list of small items that need to be repaired, the time to finish the list is before you list your home. Every little detail that is new, or perfect in the eyes of the buyer adds value to a potential buyer. Little things like a broken drawer pull in the kitchen, a missing knob on the cabinets or a broken towel bar can really add up to a negative when selling. Take a weekend and work your way through the home to get these things working and fixed perfectly.

Taking Out The Trash

This sounds funny but once the yard is cleaned up, the garage cleaned out, and the repairs all complete, get the trash and debris out of the house. Call for a pickup and get the trash company out to pick up the scrap material right away. The last thing you need is to do all the work, only to leave a pile of junk around that makes the place look run down or trashy. Dealing with it is the best way to finish the job and really make the place look great to a potential buyer.