Three Inexpensive Updates That Will Help Your Home Sell

When you put your home on the market, you typically want it to sell as soon as possible. Nobody wants to sit around biting their nails and hoping to find a buyer while putting off future plans to move. Making updates is a good way to ensure your home sells faster, but many upgrades are pretty costly to make. Here's a look at three inexpensive ones that will help make your home appealing without breaking the bank.

Unique Light Fixtures

Consider putting up a unique, stunning light fixture in the entryway, living room, or dining room. It will really catch visitors' eyes when they walk into the room and will make the home, as a whole, seem ornate and well-decorated. Make sure you choose something that matches up with your home's overall look. For instance, in a traditional, Victorian-era home, you may choose a chandelier with a lot of glass and candelabra-shaped lights. In a modern home, a big, hanging pendant fixture with iron and an Edison bulb may be ideal.

Colorful Flowers

Your home makes its first impression before potential buyers even walk in the door. If the exterior is really appealing, they'll be more likely to like what they see inside, too! Updating all of your landscaping can be costly, but adding a pop of color with some new flowers should take less than $100 and an afternoon. Buy some annuals, like pansies and petunias, and pop them in the flower bed. If you're really short on time, you can even buy a few big pots of flowers and place them next to the door or along the edge of the home.

New Faucets and Hardware

Many home buyers focus on the kitchen and bathroom when buying a home, since these rooms are the most expensive to update. Unfortunately, since they are the most expensive update, you probably don't want to re-do them entirely before putting your home on the market. But you can give your kitchen and/or bath a fresh, new look if you just buy new faucets and new hardware for your cabinets. Sleek nickel fixtures are fashionable right now and will make your home look more updated and modern.

To learn more about inexpensive updates you can make, speak with your realtor. They can look over your unique home and give you a better idea of what changes are best for you and your situation.