Attracting More Buyers For Your House: 3 Tips To Consider When Taking Photographs For Online Listings

Listing your house for sale online can make a huge difference in terms of the amount of buyers you can attract. Nowadays, 85% of home buyers look at listings online to determine which house to visit, and, more often than not, you only have 3 seconds to attract their attention. It's crucial that your photographs are attention grabbing and attractive so that they showcase your beautiful home in its best light. Most buyers will take a look at the photographs before noting the special features and specifications of the house. If you're taking the photographs yourself, here are 3 tips you should really consider.

Include Some Eye-Catching Decorations or Ornaments

If the interior design of your house focuses mainly on neutral colors like beige and nudes, you'll want to spice up the photographs by specifically placing colored decorations or ornaments in the rooms. These items can be just about anything. For example, you can place a colored cup in the kitchen or a colored candle in the dining room. Use bold, warm colors, like red, yellow and orange, to catch the attention of those viewing your listing.

Make sure you place just one or two colored items. You definitely don't want to overdo it. If the room is too colorful, it can be distracting. This will prevent potential buyers from being able to see your house for the beauty that it is.

Remove Clutter and Personal Items

The photographs of your house should allow potential buyers to be able to view themselves living in the home. This means that it's important for you to remove clutter and personal items before taking any photographs. Clutter will simply conceal the architectural style and intricate design of the house. Basically, you should only have the bare minimum in each room. For example, you should only have the dining table and chairs in the dining room. Cabinets filled with silverware or china may be acceptable. You should remove everything else, like other types of furniture or items.

You also want to remove personal items. While you may have had a great experience in the house, it's time to let someone else envision a life in your home. Photographs of the family or art given to you by your children will only prevent buyers from seeing the potential of your house.

Clean the House from Top to Bottom

Make sure that the photographs showcase the beauty of your home by giving each room a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. You want to dust the cabinets and wipe down all surfaces, like the tabletops and even the floors. By keeping everything clean, the appliances and furniture in the room will look much newer, in better condition and much more attractive. You'd be surprised at just how well a thorough cleaning can help perk up each room. You definitely want to wipe all light fixtures down so that your room looks brighter in the photographs as well.

If you don't have time to clean the house or if you own an older home that needs a lot of cleaning, consider the option of hiring professional cleaning services. This will come in handy with time, especially if your real estate agent plans on hosting an open house or if a potential buyer would like to visit your home.


If you're interested in selling your house, one of the first things you should do to market your home is to take photographs of each room. The photographs are one of the main marketing mechanisms used to attract potential buyers. Good photographs will hook their attention and encourage them to visit your house.

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