How to Make Your Real Estate Business Stand Out

There are close to 400,000 real estate agents working in the United States. This means there are likely dozens of agents in every major city and at least a handful in more rural areas. If you have recently become licensed yourself, then it may be extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd. Marketing can make you stand out or it can make you blend in with your competition. Marketing is however essential to get your name out there, so keep reading to learn about some marketing tips that will help you make your way in the professional real estate world by standing out. 

Work On Branding

Most real estate agents brand themselves by inundating their target market with their own pictures and names. While this tactic can make you a household name, the marketing tactic is a common one that often costs a great deal of money. Print advertisements, billboards, and online marketing will all need to be implemented constantly for this strategy to work properly. This is not reasonable for an agent just starting out. Instead of going this route, try to brand yourself a bit differently than everyone else. While your name should still be prominent on advertising, forget the picture and go for a nice graphic of a home instead. After all, you are selling homes. Some people may glance over a random name and picture, but a home graphic will stand out. This is especially true for people who are in the market to buy homes.

When coming up with a graphic for your logo or brand, use a drawing of a type of home that is popular in your area. The 10 most popular home styles include Craftsman, country, traditional, European, ranch, farmhouse, cottage, modern, southern, and Mediterranean. If your real estate business is located in a small town area, then feature a country, traditional, or ranch style home. In more rural areas, a farmhouse, southern, or cottage house graphic will work well. Consider a modern home in a larger city area and a Craftsman, European, or Mediterranean one in more influential areas.

While a basic graphic is all you need to create and solidify a brand, opt for a sketchy or architectural drawing type of design. Not only will this help to add style to the brand, but it will introduce an idea of personalization, as if you are prepared to find the dream home for your clients. According to marketing experts, more and more people are specifically looking for personalization when it comes to the businesses and companies they choose to spend their time and money with. 

Add Some Mystery

Direct marketing that introduces your target market to your brand is going to be the key to developing clients who are directly in need of homes at the moment. However, what about those individuals who may need your services down the road? One good way to snag these potential clients is to make yourself memorable, so people automatically think of you when they need your services. You can make yourself memorable by piquing the interest of people who may not be paying attention to your general real estate marketing. Creating mystery around your business can definitely pique interest.

One good way to do this is to create posters, postcards, or print advertisements that include a mysterious phrase like "Are you living in your perfect world?" or "Is your house really a home?" Underneath the phrase, have a QR code printed that directly links to your business website. You can even have the code link to a video that you make yourself that shows how to create a quiet oasis in the home. Include a personal message about your real estate business at the end. If you are unsure about how to create a QR code or how to link it to a video or a website, then contact a general, internet, or QR code real estate marketing business.