5 Reasons To Rent Your Next Home Through An Agent

If you are considering renting a house, you might start your search with the local paper or a few real estate web sites. However, when you are ready to find your desired rental, you should seriously consider signing a representation contract with a real estate agent to allow them to look for you. Often times, renters do not pay for the services of real estate agents (although the costs the owner pays may be reflected in your rent), but the benefits are worth taking the time to find an agent you trust.  

Save Time 

The current rental market favors owners, which means that it can be difficult to find the house you want at a price you are willing to pay. Because there may not be many houses on the market, and the ones that are there tend to go fast, you will have to be diligent about looking for your ideal rental every day. This can be a time consuming process for an individual, especially if you are preparing for a long-distance move. 

Signing an agreement with a real estate agent will allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your life while they do the legwork to find your home for you. 

Get a Great Deal Before a Property Hits the Market 

In especially saturated rental markets, many rental units are rented before they hit the market. This happens when a large number of renters are working with real estate agents. You will have a better chance of reserving a competitive rental house if an agent knows what you are looking for. This way they can let you know about opportunities before they advertise them to the general public. 

Avoid Scammers

Unfortunately, if you are looking to rent from people you do not know, you may be targeted as a potential victim for scammers. Rental scams include scammers posing as landlords to get you to give them a security deposit or personal information that is used for identity theft. Although many rental scams are completed online, it is also possible to be scammed in person after you have viewed a physical house. 

Working with a reputable real estate agent will help protect you from scammers and relieve some of the anxiety you may feel as you try to spot scams as opposed to legitimate rentals. 

Keep Your Deposit Secure 

While many states require landlords to hold security deposits in a separate escrow account, it is not mandatory everywhere. If a real estate agency is managing a property for an owner, it is much more likely that your deposit will be held in an escrow account, meaning it will be available to you as soon as you leave, providing you leave the house in good condition. Unfortunately, many landlords that do not hold your deposit in escrow may spend it as their own money, thinking they will be able to pay it back when you move out. This often results in landlords looking for absurd reasons to not return the deposit and you having to fight for your deposit. 

Get a Fair, Up-to-date Rental Agreement

You do not have to sign a lease to rent a house, but rental agreements and leases help to protect both you and the landlord. By working with a reputable real estate agent, you will have access to the latest leases in your state. This means that your rental agreement is more likely to be legal as opposed to older contracts that have not been written by a professional. 

If you are ready to find a rental home, you should contact a local real estate agent from a company like Sunworld Group Inc. to help you secure a home that fits your budgets and your needs.